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What is Law of Attraction – Results Attract?

First off, welcome to our site! It is wonderful to have you visit and we appreciate you taking the time. It means a lot to us as our biggest passion is sharing with people the joy that can be achieved by proper utilization of the Law of Attraction. Whether you are looking to attract love into your life, manifest money or wealth, master the power of positive thinking, or simply improve your quality of happiness, the Law of Attraction can help you realize these goals. 

It is no secret (yes, pun is fully intended) that the movie “The Secret” opened a lot of eyes in recent years to the concept of the Law of Attraction. However, the actual force that drives the Law of Attraction has been around since creation itself. The teachings of the Law of Attraction go back as far as the written word and surface through history constantly. In fact, most famous religious figures, such as Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha  and many others consistently taught lessons based in the Law of Attraction. Contrary to many beliefs, it is not a meta-physical concept. It is not categorized in the same vein as witchcraft or psychics. It is a purely scientific concept rooted squarely in modern-day understandings of Quantum Physics. 

Put simply, our thoughts influence the world around us. You can choose to simply believe this is a basic cause and effect. For example, if I negatively believe that I cannot achieve something, I may not exhibit the behavior needed to do so. I may, in fact, choose not to even try, thus proving my thoughts affected the outcome. 

But, what if the relationship between thought and energy is deeper. What if modern day science was discovering the link between observing the existence of something, and it’s actual existence. In other words, if the universe had nobody to observe it, would it exist? Believe it or not, this concept is a mainstay concept in theoretical physics adopted by the large majority of scientist. And, if you can fathom that, then the next step is logical. If my mind, through observation, makes something actually exist, can my interpretation of that affect it. In other words, can I choose to see it differently, therefore making it exist differently. The answer to these questions are entirely up to you. You see, no matter what you choose to answer… you are making your answer correct. 

Kind of blows your mind, doesn’t it?

We hope you enjoy visiting our site. We have tried to pull together a collection of information, products, software, reviews, and related material all associated with the Law of Attraction. If you have anything you’d like to suggest, please let us know. We will be happy to do what we can to add it to our collection. With your help, we can make Results Attract the Largest Collection of Law of Attraction related material on the Internet.