Law of Attraction – The Power of Potential

The Power of Potential

The Law of Attraction states that we will attract that which we think about most. If you watch the Movie “The Secret” or read many of the popular books on the subject, they’ll tell you it is that simple. Close your eyes, make the request, and “poof”, it magically appears in your life.

But let’s be honest, you’ve tried and you obviously know at this point, it’s not quite so simple. It is difficult to maintain a positive thought process 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We falter and the results are less than amazing. Why is this?

The Good News:

It is possible to achieve immediate and powerful results using the Law of Attraction. However, to do so, we must understand a basic principle called “potential”. Potential is the “possibility of something positive happening”. To put it simply, if you want something to happen in your life, you have to first make it POSSIBLE for that to happen. We do this by generating as much “positive potential” as we can.

Amazingly, potential can be generated, saved, and used when we need it. You can actually BANK potential. Save enough of it, and you’ll be the Law of Attraction version of a millionaire. Anything you want or desire will be attracted to you fast and effectively.

So how do we generate potential?

Potential is a byproduct of the use of Positive Energy. For example, if you do something kind for someone, they become a potential path for the Universe to deliver something that you desire. Do something kind for many people; you generate MANY opportunities for the Universe to manifest your desires. The possibilities are literally limitless.

The Power of Potential


The Law of Attraction and The Power of Potential

Years ago, I heard a story that clearly demonstrates the power of potential.

A Chicago-based businessman, who we will call “Dave”, had signed three new contracts with businesses in California. These contracts were life changing and brought Dave’s business to a new level. Wanting to take full advantage and provide the best service possible, he decided to relocate his office to the same city as his new clients.

The move was costly and required Dave to secure several new loans. He signed a new office lease, hired new staff, and purchased office furniture with the money. It was a big risk. However, with the money he would make on the new contracts, he would easily pay them off.

As you might imagine, things didn’t work out as he had expected. Over the next three months, for one reason or another, all three major contracts fell through. Dave was devastated and fell into a deep depression. He was so distraught, that he eventually stopped showing up at the office as he could not bear to watch his business disintegrate.

Dave’s best friend from childhood, Mark, heard the news and wanted to help. So, he wrote a letter in which he expressed his absolute faith that Dave could prevail and find a way to turn this around. Mark even had his young daughter draw a picture of Dave that detailed him with dollar signs all around him.

Now a letter may not sound like a tremendous help but it was life-changing for Dave. A newly inspired Dave got up the next morning, went into his office, and placed the framed picture that Mark’s daughter had drawn on his desk. Over the next several months, Dave reorganized his efforts and managed to win 2 of the 3 lost contracts. He also secured a dozen smaller contracts. Before long, Dave’s business was booming and he had become a millionaire.

Mark’s kind actions and positive energy were instrumental in Dave’s success.

A couple of years later, Dave’s phone rang. It was Mark. While the two had stayed in contact, it has been several months since they last spoke. After the routine formalities and greetings, Mark disclosed that his daughter was suffering from a life-threatening medical condition. Her outlook was grave. To make matters worse, his insurance company was refusing to pay for the surgery that she needed.

Without a moment’s hesitation, or even asking how much it was, Dave told Mark that he would cover the entire cost of the surgery. When Mark attempted to say this was too much, Dave explained that he owed his entire success to Mark, and his daughter, for their actions when he needed it. He went on to explain that there was no way he could sit back when the Universe had provided him an opportunity to properly thank them for what they had done.

Mark’s daughter had the surgery, and made a full recovery.

By taking time out of his day years ago and writing that letter to Dave, Mark generated “potential”. And, when Mark needed it most, it literally saved his daughter’s life. Now we do not know what would have happened if Mark had never taken the time to write that letter, but it’s safe to assume the outcome may have been dramatically different.

While this story is extreme, it demonstrates the power of potential. Just like the story, a simple act of kindness can manifest itself to something huge or life-changing when you need it most.

Have you created potential today? Show appreciation to a family member or coworker. Give a helping hand to someone who needs it or simply express kind words to the people you interact with. It will generate positive energy, which will ultimately create potential. This will, in turn, become fuel to help facilitate your manifestation of that which you desire.

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  1. carol March 6, 2013

    All great business men/women are great givers hence their great businesses. 9

  2. waldgraaf May 30, 2013

    This is a realy inspiring story. Loved it. And gave me more hope and believe


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