Feeling Down? Do SOMETHING!


Law of Attraction

Trying to stay positive is a challenge.

But, there is an easy, and completely obvious solution to battling the problem.

If you feel negative energy, DO SOMETHING POSITIVE (creating positive energy) for someone else.

Yep! It’s that simple. The act of doing a good deed for someone else will cheer you up and help you attract the positive energies that you need to see success in your life!

So, next time you feel the stresses of the world chipping away at your good spirit, don’t sit back and take it…. take control and do something positive!

It’s your life… LIVE IT! Take control of the Law of Attraction and use Positive Energy to ensure you are living the life you deserve! 

Kick negative energy to the curb!



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Your life on Autopilot?

Many of us live our day-to-day lives on autopilot. The more we fit our lives into a steady routine, the more we are able to let our brain “take a vacation”. 

Autopilot SwitchDid you know that you have a part of your brain whose sole purpose is to instantly try to resolve information so that you don’t have to “think about it”? For example, if you see a picture of an angry woman, you instantly know it is a woman, and that the person in the photo is angry. You don’t have to pass this process off to the analytic side of the brain that would attempt to decipher the meaning of the creased eyebrows, furled lips, etc. Since you have already seen this many times, the “fast-brain” instantly recognizes it and let’s it go. But, if I showed you a piece of paper that showed a math problem like “219 x 17″, your “fast-brain” would make deductions like “I am capable of solving this, but is it worth doing?”. If you decide it is worth solving, you will pass this process to the “slow-brain”, that will logically try to deduce the answer. We can actually see physiological symptoms when this happens. Our pupils dilate, our heartbeat increases, etc. 

Imagine if we had to analyze everything we see. You would study your clothes in the morning, your car keys, your vehicle, all aspects of traffic, your coworker, etc. We would literally go insane with trying to decipher EVERYTHING that you see. So, to ease this problem, we have been given the gift of our “fast-brain” which allows us to make instant decisions that determine whether something is worth investing time in.

Here’s the problem.

You have developed your “autopilot” responses over the previous YEARS of your life. So when you learn something new, such as the “Power of Positive Thinking” or the “Law of Attraction”, you’re day-to-day autopilot actions will not incorporate this new information. So, no matter how intently you attempt to “maintain positive thoughts”, you will eventually revert back to your autopilot, thus losing all benefits you’ve worked so hard to maintain. 

There is Hope!

The reason we fail in this scenario is simple. We neglect to “reprogram” our autopilot. It’s not a difficult process, but it does require specific attention to details. More importantly, it requires us to move out of our comfort zone. 

You see, it is this very “comfort zone” that traps us. By changing your routine, you force your analytical mind to take back over and you begin the process of creating a brand-new autopilot program. 

Many people who pursue the “Law of Attraction”, they do so because they are looking for change in their lives. However, we quickly learn that if you do the same thing, everyday, that you have always done, you will not see any changes. In fact, you will continue to see more of the same thing. This leads many new people exposed to the Law of Attraction to feel frustrated and give up. 

So, to be very clear:

If you want different results in your life, YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

This works because, it forces you to “change your routine”. If this change you’ve incorporated includes elements of positivity, and elements of focus on that which you desire to attract, they will be incorporated into your newly established routine. Thus, it will make manifesting things related to this new “you”, easy and almost effortless. Literally, it will be like your life is on…



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Law of Attraction – The Power of Potential

The Power of Potential

The Law of Attraction states that we will attract that which we think about most. If you watch the Movie “The Secret” or read many of the popular books on the subject, they’ll tell you it is that simple. Close your eyes, make the request, and “poof”, it magically appears in your life.

But let’s be honest, you’ve tried and you obviously know at this point, it’s not quite so simple. It is difficult to maintain a positive thought process 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We falter and the results are less than amazing. Why is this?

The Good News:

It is possible to achieve immediate and powerful results using the Law of Attraction. However, to do so, we must understand a basic principle called “potential”. Potential is the “possibility of something positive happening”. To put it simply, if you want something to happen in your life, you have to first make it POSSIBLE for that to happen. We do this by generating as much “positive potential” as we can.

Amazingly, potential can be generated, saved, and used when we need it. You can actually BANK potential. Save enough of it, and you’ll be the Law of Attraction version of a millionaire. Anything you want or desire will be attracted to you fast and effectively.

So how do we generate potential?

Potential is a byproduct of the use of Positive Energy. For example, if you do something kind for someone, they become a potential path for the Universe to deliver something that you desire. Do something kind for many people; you generate MANY opportunities for the Universe to manifest your desires. The possibilities are literally limitless.

The Power of Potential


The Law of Attraction and The Power of Potential

Years ago, I heard a story that clearly demonstrates the power of potential.

A Chicago-based businessman, who we will call “Dave”, had signed three new contracts with businesses in California. These contracts were life changing and brought Dave’s business to a new level. Wanting to take full advantage and provide the best service possible, he decided to relocate his office to the same city as his new clients.

The move was costly and required Dave to secure several new loans. He signed a new office lease, hired new staff, and purchased office furniture with the money. It was a big risk. However, with the money he would make on the new contracts, he would easily pay them off.

As you might imagine, things didn’t work out as he had expected. Over the next three months, for one reason or another, all three major contracts fell through. Dave was devastated and fell into a deep depression. He was so distraught, that he eventually stopped showing up at the office as he could not bear to watch his business disintegrate.

Dave’s best friend from childhood, Mark, heard the news and wanted to help. So, he wrote a letter in which he expressed his absolute faith that Dave could prevail and find a way to turn this around. Mark even had his young daughter draw a picture of Dave that detailed him with dollar signs all around him.

Now a letter may not sound like a tremendous help but it was life-changing for Dave. A newly inspired Dave got up the next morning, went into his office, and placed the framed picture that Mark’s daughter had drawn on his desk. Over the next several months, Dave reorganized his efforts and managed to win 2 of the 3 lost contracts. He also secured a dozen smaller contracts. Before long, Dave’s business was booming and he had become a millionaire.

Mark’s kind actions and positive energy were instrumental in Dave’s success.

A couple of years later, Dave’s phone rang. It was Mark. While the two had stayed in contact, it has been several months since they last spoke. After the routine formalities and greetings, Mark disclosed that his daughter was suffering from a life-threatening medical condition. Her outlook was grave. To make matters worse, his insurance company was refusing to pay for the surgery that she needed.

Without a moment’s hesitation, or even asking how much it was, Dave told Mark that he would cover the entire cost of the surgery. When Mark attempted to say this was too much, Dave explained that he owed his entire success to Mark, and his daughter, for their actions when he needed it. He went on to explain that there was no way he could sit back when the Universe had provided him an opportunity to properly thank them for what they had done.

Mark’s daughter had the surgery, and made a full recovery.

By taking time out of his day years ago and writing that letter to Dave, Mark generated “potential”. And, when Mark needed it most, it literally saved his daughter’s life. Now we do not know what would have happened if Mark had never taken the time to write that letter, but it’s safe to assume the outcome may have been dramatically different.

While this story is extreme, it demonstrates the power of potential. Just like the story, a simple act of kindness can manifest itself to something huge or life-changing when you need it most.

Have you created potential today? Show appreciation to a family member or coworker. Give a helping hand to someone who needs it or simply express kind words to the people you interact with. It will generate positive energy, which will ultimately create potential. This will, in turn, become fuel to help facilitate your manifestation of that which you desire.

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The Law Of Attraction – Past And New Beginnings

The Law Of Attraction

History of the Law of Attraction

When humanity started understanding there was more to life compared to simply surviving, philosophy was born. Regarding this time, the concept that we could possibly regulate our lives with the power of our ideas started taking hold.

We are what we believe. It s a principle virtually as aged as time itself. From Hinduism, Buddhism, old Greek philosophers to contemporary religious beliefs, this exact same idea has been shown.

The name of this idea has transformed over the centuries. It seems like intermittent generation feels the should
transform it. They seem like it s essential to make the concept something new and initial in an effort to attract new enthusiasts.

In the last 2 centuries the dominating terms have actually been “hopefulness” and the “Law of Attraction”. Both terms have had their attraction.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction was revived into attraction with the 2006 movie The Secret. Christianity has actually maintained the very same term for it throughout its life time. Christianity educates it as the “power of prayer”.

Regardless of the label, the fundamental concept is the same. You ask for something, truly believe (have faith) you will certainly obtain it. And last but not least is idea that you deserve to have it.

Whatever you call it, instructing yourself to have positive minds and believing you re deserving of advantages can just result in favorable gains in your life.

When humanity started realizing there was additional to life compared to simply making it through, philosophy was born. Concerning this time, the concept that we could possibly control our lives with the power of our ideas began taking hold. And this idea has never lost its look or its followers.

History of The Secret

The Law of Attraction was delivered back into attraction with the 2006 film The Secret.

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The Law of Attraction: You are what you think.

The Law Of Attraction – We Are Just what We Believe

It s a clinically verified fact that humanity utilizes just about 6 % of our minds. Albert Einstein allegedly utilized 10 % of his. That leaves an awful great deal of untapped mind power.

Consider just what we ve performed with the bit of brain power we ve been utilizing considering that the dawn of man. Is it so challenging then to think about the opportunities of exactly what we could accomplish?

The Law of Attraction, hopefulness or whatever you wish to call it, works on the property that we re capable of establishing exactly what we have and exactly how we cope with the power of our clairvoyant energy.

The idea is that we re able to route our brainpowers, our minds toward our targets and needs and obtain them.

Provided this capability isn t something that s effortlessly gotten. The majority of people have invested their lives under the perception that the globe affects them. Not the other way around.

It s an usually held belief that if fate is figured out by us, it s with our actions and not our thoughts. Aren t our thoughts the basis of our actions?

If our thoughts induce us to act, which action lead to obtaining our goal, can we not claim our minds accountabled for the outcomes? The results of our actions are figured out by our minds. Whether they re conscious or not, our minds do determine just what and who we are.

The Law of Attraction assists us focus our ideas in good methods to everybody s perk.

If our ideas create us to act, and that activity results in getting our target, can we not say our thoughts were responsible for the results? The results of our activities are determined by our minds. Whether they re aware or not, our thoughts do determine what and who we are.

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“The Secret” hasn’t been a secret for hundreds of years.

The Secret

For many, “The Secret” hasn’t been a secret for centuries. It’s been passing different labels. Every other generation feels the should relabel it. To make it their’s. Altering the label does not change the concept.

The idea of “hopefulness” was the last subject and the “Law of Attraction” is the most up-to-date. The concentration is still the very same. Just what you think will happen, will certainly occur. Your minds will certainly manifest themselves in to your truth. The words change, yet not the definition.

Concentrating on unfavorable things will trigger these bad things to come to be fact. If your life and mind are fulled of anger, hate and dissatisfaction, you will certainly find your own self bordered by those very same things.

Understanding to focus your ideas on favorable points, passion, happiness and satisfaction will certainly have the desired results and your life will certainly be fulled of these favorable points.

Merely longing for the advantages in life will not make them amazingly show up right prior to your eyes. It’s a learning process in which you instruct your own self to transform the method you think.

The normal human mind tends to focus on the bad. Bothering with worries, whether actual or pictured, consumes a lot of our mind procedure. It’s part of our survival inclination. Commonly this happens on a subconscious degree, and we do not also notice these thoughts.

The Law of Attraction is the means to change your thinking procedure. Regardless of it’s label, the effects is the same: Improving your day-to-day life with your minds.

For several, “The Secret” hasn’t already been a key for centuries. Changing the name does not change the concept.

Worrying regarding anxieties, whether real or visualized, consumes considerably of our mind process. Often this takes location on an unconscious level, and we do not also notice these minds.

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Law of Attraction: Three Foundations

Three Steps

These 3 steps are the base for the Law of Attraction. Skipping steps, could cause results that differ significantly from just what you planned.

Knowing exactly what you desire isn’t as effortless as it appears. Besides the standard physical necessities, your thoughts is fulled of desires, wishes and concerns. Conscious and unconscious.

You need to understand why you desire the things you prefer. Perhaps just what you really prefer, really isn’t exactly what you re requesting for whatsoever. The conscious minds produce the very same amount of energy as the subconscious ones. And if they’re in contrast to each other, you’re beating on your own.

Believe that what you prefer is already yours

Envisioning you having currently accomplished your desire is an important step. It’s the “positive thinking” action.

Concentrating on having it will certainly develop positive energy. The conclusion of your need is an effects of this positive energy.


This step is the one where many people drop it. It’s the conclusion of your wish. Permit on your own to recognize your right to have your desires satisfied.

For several accepting this is the hardest component. If you consciously or unconsciously feel you do not deserve just what you’re requesting for, you will not get it. If you don’t believe you’re worthy of having your wishes happen, they never ever will.

These 3 actions are the foundation for the Law of Attraction. Skipping steps, might induce outcomes that differ considerably from just what you planned. Know exactly what you prefer and ask for it

Apart from the basic bodily needs, your thoughts is packed with prefers, desires and concerns.

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Taking Steps to Improve Your Life with Law of Attraction

Asking and wishing for just what you prefer doesn’t always mean you obtain it. We all discover that lesson as children. Learning how to ask is a course many people never ever appropriately find out. Understanding how to ask for what you desire could mean the distinction between obtaining it and just preferring it.

Much more vital compared to understanding the best ways to ask, is understanding what you’re asking for. Understanding what you desire and the reasons you wish it can easily give you useful insight to the idea process that is necessary to obtaining your desires.

Requesting riches without know just what you desire those riches for could not bring you the joy and happiness and satisfaction you anticipated. Understanding why you wish money can easily assist you know exactly what your true desire is.

Do you wish it to offer safety for your family, or due to the fact that you truly prefer the power money buys. The goals here are different. And while acquiring one, does not necessarily mean you do not get the other, it likewise doesn’t imply you will either.

Requesting for an additional job is great example. Why do you desire an additional task? Is it a second job you wish? Or one that pays more? Or are you really desiring a task that you can enjoy doing? Not knowing why you prefer an additional task, may bring about dissatisfaction when you get just what you asked for.

So the first step is learning your own self. Knowing just what you really want and why you desire it.

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The Law of Attraction: The First Step To A Better Life

The First Step To A Better Life

Asking and longing for what you want does not always mean you acquire it. Most of us learn that lesson as children. Understanding the best ways to ask is a lesson many individuals never ever properly know. Understanding ways to request what you want can easily indicate the distinction in between receiving it and simply remaining to prefer it.

Even more important than understanding the best ways to ask, is knowing just what you’re asking for. Understanding exactly what you desire and the reasons you wish it may give you valuable understanding to the thought process that is essential to accomplishing your wishes.

Requesting riches without know what you desire those riches for might not bring you the happiness and satisfaction you anticipated. Recognizing why you desire money can help you understand what your real need is.

Do you wish it to offer safety for your family, or because you truly desire the power cash gets. The objectives below are various. And while obtaining one, doesn’t always mean you do not acquire the other, it likewise does not suggest you will either.

Is it a 2nd task you wish? Or are you truly desiring a job that you can appreciate doing? Not knowing why you wish yet another task, can lead to discontentment when you obtain what you asked for.

The initial action is learning your own self. Knowing what you actually desire and why you want it.

Knowing how to ask for exactly what you wish can easily mean the difference in between acquiring it and simply continuing to wish it.

Do you want it to offer security for your household, or since you really desire the power cash acquires. Not understanding why you prefer one more task, can easily lead to dissatisfaction when you acquire just what you asked for.

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Law of Attraction: Spiritual or Religious?

Spiritual Or Religious?

Among the more appealing elements of the Law of Attraction is located in it’s teachings. Fundamentally, it teaches people ways to think. Not what to think. Understanding the best ways to believe, aids concentrate the thoughts. Lots of people discover that concentrating the thoughts, aids improve their life.

The book and DVD, The Secret, is a great introduction to the Law of Attraction, yet that’s all it is. It focuses on getting product possessions. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s not wrong to be well supplied, well dressed, drive a wonderful car and reside in a wonderful home. If you make a sensation of self that’s qualified and deserving, you’ll attract exactly what you want. You could look after yourself as well as others.

The name of the games of the Law of Attraction is finding joy in your everyday life. Making the globe a much better location for everybody. Finding self-fulfillment from the power of the thoughts.

There are many people that see the Law of Attraction as a deeply religious experience. Connecting them to others and to a greater power.

The numbers are just as sizable that consider the Law of Attraction spiritual however not religious. Religious or merely spiritual, the effects are the same: Improving life for on your own and others by means of the power of idea.

Also if you consider the Law of Attraction as neither religious nor spiritual, the conveniences coincide. You’re still using idea power to obtain the things you wish most from life.

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