What is the Law of Attraction?

A lot of people want to know… what exactly is the Law of Attraction?

To boil down the concept to a single phrase, I like the following:

Law of Attraction Definition: “Your thoughts will attract similar results into your life.”

It is also a highly debated and theorized subject. Theories on how it works range from meta-physical to quantum physics. Some people like to visualize its function as spiritual, while others like to rationalize it through modern science. What is clear is that there is absolute truth to it. How far you choose to take that belief is, of course, entirely up to you.

Is the Law of Attraction Real

Is the Law of Attraction Real?

Is the Law of Attraction Real?


I say that with certainty for a reason. 

The Law of Attraction, by simple definition, can be understood in the following scenario. 

If you think about something, it potentially changes your behavior. Your behavior has the potential to influence people, situations, and events around you. Those influences are often in line with your current thought process. For example, if you are thinking positively, the influences will generally influence a positive outcome. Conversely, if you are being negative, your influence will also be negative. Therefore, your thoughts have created an outcome that is in-line with your current mindset.

In other words… if you think positive, you are likely going to have a more positive outcome than if you think negatively.

Most people, when asked about “the power of positive thinking”, would agree that it influences the outcome. What they do not realize is, that by validating this simple concept, they are, in fact, validating the core principle of the Law of Attraction.